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Claudia Whiteley

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Claudia Whiteley
Senior Instructor

Claudia began her martial arts training in Isshinryu Karate at Chester Karate Academy (NJ) under George Calvert in The American Budo Kai, along with her husband and four children.
In 1992 she became an assistant instructor. In 1995 a full instructor for teen & adult classes. In September of 1998 she and her family opened Chatham Karate Academy.  In January 2005 they opened Mendham Karate Academy.  Chatham was relocated to Madison, Mendham to Bernardsville and are now called Isshinryu Karate Madison Bernardsville.  
Claudia is an 8th Degree Black belt and is honored to be Kyoshi under Arcenio James Advincula. In addition to the study of Isshinryu and its philosophy, Advincula Sensei is also her ACE Escrima, Hindiandi Gung Fu and Kobudo Teacher.

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